Wrongful Termination

Prevent Or Contest A Wrongful Termination

In California, both employees and employers may terminate their working relationship without cause. However, there are specific circumstances that will give rise to an action for wrongful termination. We represent clients who have suffered wrongful termination.

A termination is wrongful and unjust if it was based on any of the following:

  • The employee’s age, gender, race, nationality, religion or sexuality
  • The employee’s mental or physical disability or pregnancy
  • The employee’s decision to take family or medical leave
  • The employee’s report of fraudulent, unsafe or illegal activity on the part of the company or co-workers
  • The employee filing for workers’ compensation due to a work-related injury
  • The employee filing a complaint with any government agency (including the Department of Labor)
  • The employee assisting in any government investigation pertaining to the company

If it can be demonstrated that an employer terminated employment for an unlawful reason, there may be grounds for a wrongful termination suit and potentially discrimination, violation of whistleblower protection laws and workplace retaliation suits.

Protecting Your Rights

As an employee, you have the right to be treated fairly by your employer. If you believe that your employer may have violated the law in its dealings with you, contact us to seek advice from an employment law professional. We are happy to meet with you one on one to discuss your case and provide you with guidance so that you can take measures to resolve your employment dispute.

Workplace racial discrimination matters are taken on contingency, and you will never be required to pay attorney’s fees unless we obtain favorable results on your behalf. Employer retaliation matters are handled on a contingency fee basis. Therefore, if we do not obtain a monetary settlement or verdict in your favor, you will not pay any attorney’s fees.

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